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Facilities and lighting of swimming pool, fountain, architecture  


The essential

AllFit: Parts seal. Any equipment necessary for the development of a basin: nozzle, bonde, made broom, grid of evacuation, skimmer, reguleur level, crossing wall, pumps, etc.

In the case of use in public range are to be considered in accordance with EN 13451 part 1-10. All AllFit massages systems and water attractions are also available for public pools according to this norm EN 13451 part 1-10.

Allfit : Realize your dreams! 

Dreaming of your own pool? We can assist you. Starting from skimmers to inlets and drainage systems up to underwater-lighting and underwater-loudspeaker, our portfolio includes the ideal products for the realization of your dreams.

Fabricated from the highest quality materials - bronze, gun metal and stainless steel – engineered to the highest quality – solidly formed with excellent resistance to corrosion to provide the perfect finish to the pool that you have always desired.

All our AllFit products are designed for longevity, so even your grandchildren will enjoy them.