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Balneo (Fitstar)

Balneo (Fitstar). Games of water for swimming pool. The largest range of facilities, together or to the detail: swimming against the current, massage, shower, cascade, blade of water, passageway of swimming, ebullient bench, bubbling of bottom, cannon to water,..., pumps, pieces to seal... 

All massages systems and water attractions are available for private or public pools according to the norme EN 13451 part 1-10.

Sport and relaxing

Whether you are searching for that exuberant sporty challenge, relaxing massage or both, we have the ideal solution for you. Our counter-current-systems from Fitstar not only provides you with an excellent fitness device for energetic swimming but an alternative massage system for that relaxing sensation.

Further air-bubble-systems, massage-systems and water-attractions like our flood-showers and water-canons are all designed to improve your relaxation, wellbeing and fun and fun, providing you with that welcome escape to ease the tension from your hectic lifestyle.

For every requirement, we have the viable solution.

Counter -current systems

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
NCC POWER-STREAM8390120 - 8390420Counter-current-system POWER-STREAM
NCC EVOLUTION8360020Counter-current-system EVOLUTION
NCC ESSENCE8380020Counter-current-system ESSENCE
NCC TAÏFUN DUO7640020Counter-current-system TAÏFUN-DUO
NCC TAÏFUN7620020Counter-current-system Taifun, Steel, round, pump 230/400V 2.6 kW, 1050l/mn at 1bar
NCC TAÏFUN COMPACTE7624020TAÏFUN COMPACT Counter-current-system
NCC CYCLON8310121CYCLON Counter-current system
NCC CYCLON DUO8310221 - 8310321CYCLON DUO Counter current swimming system
NCC DOUBLE-JET8260020DOUBLE-JET in wall Counter-current-system
NCC X-STREAM8290020X-STREAM Counter-current-system in-wall 2 x 2,6kW for tile and liner pools
NCC JUNIORSérie 806JUNIOR counter current system
NCC JUNIOR COMPACTE8160020JUNIOR COMPACT Counter-current-system
NCC ADDITIONNELLES7805090Starting block additional counter current Systems
Accessoires NCC 1Liste 1Accessories for Taïfun, Taïfun-Duo, Taïfun-Compact, Cyclon, and Cyclon-Duo
Accessoires NCC 2Liste 2Accessories for Taïfun, Taïfun-Duo, Taïfun-Compact
Accessoires NCC 3Liste 3Accessories for Junior and Junior-Compact
Accessoires NCC 4Liste 4Accessories for Tornado

Massages systems

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Standard 2 buses8697020...Massage system type STANDARD, with 2 nozzles, complet fitting kit
Standard 4 - 6 buses8697120-8697220Massage system type STANDARD, with 4 and 6 nozzles, fitting kit
Combi-Whirl 1 - 2861... /869...Massage system COMBI-WHIRL with 1 and 2 nozzles for tiled and liner pool
Combi-Whirl 3 - 4862... /865...Massage system COMBI-WHIRL with 3 and 4 nozzles for tiled and liner pool
Combi-Whirl 1 - 2 pr860... /869...Floor massage system COMBI-WHIRL with 1 and 2 nozzles for prefabricated pool
Combi-Whirl 3 - 4 pr862... /865...Floor massage system COMBI-WHIRL with 3 and 4 nozzles for prefabricated pool
Accessoires Standard866... /869...Accessories for STANDARD massage systems
Accessoires Combi-whirl 1701/708/728/729Accessories for COMBI-WHIRL massage systems
Accessoires Combi-whirl 2871... /872...Accessories from switchs for COMBI-WHIRL massage systems
Accessoires Combi-whirl 3732... /733.../ 870...Switching accessories for COMBI-WHIRL massage systems
Pièces à sceller 864... /866...Built-in housing for wall of massage nozzles, suction housings
Buses et crépines867...Massage nozzles, suction housings

Gush showers

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Douche-cascades Mini883...MINI GUSH-SHOWER
Douche-cascades Midi873... /874...GUSH SHOWER MIDI made of stainless steel
Douche-cascades873...GUSH SHOWER made of stainless steel
Douche-cascades Orca et Orca Mini8830620 8830420ORCA GUSH SHOWER

Water cannons

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Canons à eau Inox874...WATER CANNONS made of stainless steel 316L
Canons à eau Midi Inox874...WATER CANNONS MIDI made of stainless steel 316L
Canons à eau 90E Inox880...WATER CANNONS 90E made of stainless steel 316L
Canons à eau 60E Inox880...WATER CANNONS 60E made of stainless steel 316L
Douche massage8430000Massage shower (complet equipment)
Accessoires CanonsListe 1Accessories for water cannons - Liste 1
Accessoires CanonsListe 2Accessories for water cannons - List 2

Water Mushrooms

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Champignon 1000 15008736020 8737020Water muschroom made of stainless steel with diameters 1000 and 1500
Champignon 1800 23008738020 8739020Water muschroom made of stainless steel, diameter 1800 and 2300

Air-bubble seats

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Assises 250 mm8792020-87922120SHORT AIR-BUBBLE SEATS (250 mm) 1 and 2 plates
Assises 500 mm8790020-8791020LONG AIR-BUBBLE SEATS (500 mm) 1 and 2 plates
Accessoires Assises871... /701... /731...Accessories for air-bubble seat

Air-bubble couches

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Banquettes à bulles8750020 8760020 8770020 8755150 8756050 8757050AIR-BUBBLES COUCHES FOR TILE POOLS
Banquettes à bulles Liner8750520 8760520 8770520 8755520 8756520 8757520AIR-BUBBLES COUCHES FOR LINER POOL
Accessoires banquettes 1701... /871...ACCESSORIES FOR AIR-BUBBLE COUCHES
Accessoires banquettes 2732... /733...ACCESSORIES FOR AIR-BUBBLE COUCHES

Bottom air-bubble systems

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Fond à bulles 18530020Bottom air-bubble system for tile, liner, and prefabricated pool
Fond à bulles 28530220Bottom air-bubble system with spotlight, and air-bubble plates for tile and liner pool.

Swimming Channel

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Canal de nage878...Swimming channel nozzles and accessories


 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Pompes 0,5 à 1,5 kW72... / 775...PUMPS made of gun metal 0,5 - 1,1 - 1,5 kW
Pompes 2,2 kW775...PUMPS 2,2 kW MADE OF GUN METAL
Pompes 2,6 à 5,0 kW775.../774.../773...
Pompes filtrantes7005350-7006350-7007350
Compresseurs Blowers5620.. /5628..AIR COMPRESSOR AND BLOWER for bubbles and massages
Accessoires Pompes700... /562... /514...PUMP ACCESSORIES AND SPARE PARTS
Raccords pompe R715...PUMP PRESSURE SOCKETS
Raccords pompe R&A715... /716... /700...PUMP PRESSURE AND SUCTION SOCKETS

Suction housings

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
CREPINES916...Suction sieve made of stainless steel complete
CREPINES et brides917... /916...Suction sieve completes, and flange kits


 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
InterrupteursListe 1Pneumatic and sensor switchs, and control - List 1
Interrupteurs et boitiersListe 2Control, pneumatic and sensor switchs - List 2
Raccord Laiton PVC700... /702...CONNECTION FITTINGS GUN METAL / PVC straight, complete with sealing, insert socket, and cap nut.
Raccord Laiton PVC 90°7006... /7007...CONNECTION FITTINGS GUN METAL / PVC straight and 90°, complete with sealing, insert socket, and cap nut.
Réduction Rallonge Vanne703... /704... /705...REDUCING G2 1/2 - G2, and DOPPLE NIPPLE, 90 mm, and Valves
Tuyaux & manchons 50 - 7550../51../57../70...High pressure hose, and sockets, NW 50 and NW 75
Tuyaux & manchons 65 - 9051../57../70.../71...High pressure hose, and sockets, NW 65 and NW 90
Boitier pneumatique 1731... /732...Pneumatic control, serial 1
Boitier pneumatique 2732... /733...Pneumatic control, serial 2
Déclencheur plat, contrôle électronique7340.. /7345..Foil pushbutton, and Electronic controls
Contrôle optique 17336...Sensor control, serial 1
Contrôle optique 27336../7337../7338../7339..Sensor control, serial 2
Divers raccords 1Several Fitstar Accessories
Divers raccords 2Several Fitstar Accessories 2