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Inlet fittings

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Buses à rotule310...Inlet nozzles with stainless steel cover and inlet ball ø 18 mm for tile and pre-fabricated pools
Buses obliques3800000 3790000 3801000Inlet nozzle nickel covered for tile and pre-fabricated pools
Buses coques3780420 3780720 3782420 3782720Inlet nozzle shelled ø 98 mm stainless steel cover, for tile and prefabricated pools
Buses débit réglable3820000 3810000 3811000Inlet nozzle with adjustable nickeled bronze cross section ø 110 mm for tile and prefabricated pools
Contre-écrous3960050 3950050 3970050Counter kits with gasket for prefabricated pools
Brides et buses pour liner3102020 ... 3786020 3787020Flanges kit and inlet fitting for liner pools
Buses pour liner3103420 3133420 ... 3770000Inlet fitting for liner pools