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Facilities and lighting of swimming pool, fountain, architecture  
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 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
InterrupteursListe 1Pneumatic and sensor switchs, and control - List 1
Interrupteurs et boitiersListe 2Control, pneumatic and sensor switchs - List 2
Raccord Laiton PVC700... /702...CONNECTION FITTINGS GUN METAL / PVC straight, complete with sealing, insert socket, and cap nut.
Raccord Laiton PVC 90°7006... /7007...CONNECTION FITTINGS GUN METAL / PVC straight and 90°, complete with sealing, insert socket, and cap nut.
Réduction Rallonge Vanne703... /704... /705...REDUCING G2 1/2 - G2, and DOPPLE NIPPLE, 90 mm, and Valves
Tuyaux & manchons 50 - 7550../51../57../70...High pressure hose, and sockets, NW 50 and NW 75
Tuyaux & manchons 65 - 9051../57../70.../71...High pressure hose, and sockets, NW 65 and NW 90
Boitier pneumatique 1731... /732...Pneumatic control, serial 1
Boitier pneumatique 2732... /733...Pneumatic control, serial 2
Déclencheur plat, contrôle électronique7340.. /7345..Foil pushbutton, and Electronic controls
Contrôle optique 17336...Sensor control, serial 1
Contrôle optique 27336../7337../7338../7339..Sensor control, serial 2
Divers raccords 1Several Fitstar Accessories
Divers raccords 2Several Fitstar Accessories 2