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Fountain Basin

Water-jet Pumps (Springfit)

Nozzles and equipments for fountains, water jets, and basin (Springfit). All nozzles and necessary facilities to the planning of fountains, water jets, and basins:   
buzzard, geyser, cascade, volcano, crossed of partition, pump, valves...  

Seeing, Hearing, Feeling – an experience for the senses. 

You have always desired the imposing jets of Geysers? You love the quiet sound of splashing water but the sea is too far away? You enjoy the sensation of bubbling water on your skin?

Then a fountain is certainly the ideal solution.

The products from our SpringFit® range are equipped with nozzles to conjure a number of amazing water fountains for all the senses.

  • Our Cascades and Geysers are equipped with jets to enable water to be dispersed 20 metres in the air.
  • Also our volcano, comet and finger-ray nozzles will make your hear beat faster.
  • Our complete kit of fountain to ready to mount " plug and play " will permit you to install your private or public fountain, with all necessary components, from the pump until the white or multicolored lighting, and the jets of your choice, in all easiness.

Nozzles for fountains and water jets

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Geysers4800050...Geysers water jets nozzles
Cascades4820050...Cascades water jets nozzles
Comètes4823050...Comets water jets nozzles
Finger-ray4822050...Finger-ray watter jets nozzles
Plug and Play490... /491...
Répartiteurs4824... /4825...Water dispenser ø 150 and 250 mm

Pumps and facilities

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
Pompes 0,5 à 1,5 kW72... / 775...PUMPS made of gun metal 0,5 - 1,1 - 1,5 kW
Pompes 2,2 kW775...PUMPS 2,2 kW MADE OF GUN METAL
Pompes 2,6 à 5,0 kW775.../774.../773...