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Counter -current systems

 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
 Reference Mark code Product's designation MiniatureSheet
NCC POWER-STREAM8390120 - 8390420Counter-current-system POWER-STREAM
NCC CYCLON DUO8310221 - 8310321CYCLON DUO Counter current swimming system
NCC TA¤FUN DUO7640020Counter-current-system TA¤FUN-DUO
NCC JUNIOR COMPACTE8160020JUNIOR COMPACT Counter-current-system
NCC JUNIORSÚrie 806JUNIOR counter current system
NCC EVOLUTION8360020Counter-current-system EVOLUTION
NCC ESSENCE8380020Counter-current-system ESSENCE
NCC X-STREAM8290020X-STREAM Counter-current-system in-wall 2 x 2,6kW for tile and liner pools
NCC DOUBLE-JET8260020DOUBLE-JET in wall Counter-current-system
NCC ADDITIONNELLES7805090Starting block additional counter current Systems
NCC CYCLON8310121CYCLON Counter-current system
NCC TA¤FUN COMPACTE7624020TA¤FUN COMPACT Counter-current-system
NCC TA¤FUN7620020Counter-current-system Taifun, Steel, round, pump 230/400V 2.6 kW, 1050l/mn at 1bar
Accessoires NCC 4Liste 4Accessories for Tornado
Accessoires NCC 1Liste 1Accessories for Ta´fun, Ta´fun-Duo, Ta´fun-Compact, Cyclon, and Cyclon-Duo
Accessoires NCC 2Liste 2Accessories for Ta´fun, Ta´fun-Duo, Ta´fun-Compact
Accessoires NCC 3Liste 3Accessories for Junior and Junior-Compact