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Hugo Lahme:  "The security of tomorrow’s technology in the technology of today". For over 65 years Hugo Lahme is always thinking one step ahead. Therefore, the security of our swimming pool technology is as important to us as our original concepts. Our aim is to bring pleasure to the user and this should not be impaired in anyway. 

Hugo Lahmehas brought our comprehensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing technology into the industry and with numerous patents, utility models and safety standards, we have received the authority certificates to testify to it.

The History of Hugo Lahme

Hugo Lahme company committed in 2005 his 60-year-old company jubilee. We believe that a jubilee is a worthy occasion in such a fast-moving time to look back once and to bring out a detailed chronicle. With this chronicle we want to indicate our customer, supplier and employees which achievements and ideas have led up to the current success.

It shows as it were the forming and wax of a family enterprise which originated during the difficult post-war years and in which already the grandchildren of the founder are about to take over the company. We would like to see this documentation also as thanks in all our employees and in the persons who have stood by her achievement and partnership by our enterprise in loyalty. 

Confidently we can also look furthermore with a proven family staff and a dynamic management forwards. We would like to thank all employees and business associates who also remain in future faithfully linked to us warmly.

Find out everything about our history: The complete history. (DE)

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58256 Ennepetal, Deutschland
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